Wayward Ponies' Home, Inc. 
PO Box 336
Catheys Valley CA 95306


A 501(c)3 nonprofit equine sanctuary, incorporated 2009. Fed. ID# 80-0322423
Pictured at right is Sarah Beth, a 1988 dun Quarter Pony who was our first rescue. I came across her in 1997. She had physical problems and was on her way to a killer buyer, so I brought her home. From that time, we took in a horse here and a pony there without any help until 2009, when the tanking economy, the escalating price of hay, and my husband's retirement made it necessary to incorporate as a nonprofit in order to encourage donations. 

Since then, we have made a home for a total of 26 horses and ponies who were being abused or neglected, or whose loving owners couldn't keep them anymore. They usually come to us in the autumn of their lives. 13 of them have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and 13 others have claimed their places, one by one. However, as my own retirement approaches, I'm getting as infirm as some of the older horses, and we have had to declare ourselves a closed sanctuary, meaning that we can't take in any more.

Our sanctuary is a peaceful final home. We don't adopt anyone out; many of them would be considered undesirable because of age, infirmity or behavioral issues, and we don't have the time to go monitor their care elsewhere. We just love them for who they are, and have promised each one a permanent home until they show us that it's time to go on. Then the vet sends them on that final journey.